The Right Way To Market Yourself As A Speaker

By Eric Louviere

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I work with a lot of speakers and the question that always comes up is: “Eric, how can I get more gigs?”

The short answer is that you need to get your message in front of the right people.

To expand on that there are 3 major components that are essential to getting more engagements.

  • Being Prepared
  • Being good at what you do
  • Consistent Promotion

The reality is that there are a lot of people competing for the same engagements as you. When you’re competing for an engagement that pays 25k for a keynote presentation there will be a lot of competition. In order to land those engagements you need to capitalize on the 3 items I mentioned above.

Being Prepared

As a speaker you need to constantly be improving your craft. Every market, every industry is constantly evolving. You have to stay on the cusp of it.

You should know more than anyone else on that topic. How do you do that?

Keep your ears to the ground. Read trade magazines, network with industry insiders, follow the important online hubs, and always be following your topic.

Being Good At What You Do

If you want to land high paying engagements you want to be the best at what you do. Being able to put together a PowerPoint Presentation doesn’t make you a qualified speaker. Being prepared takes care of some of this step but there are always ways to improve.

Consider taking voice lessons, improv classes, be in good shape, and always look to improve as a speaker. Those who accel are those who are constantly improving their craft.

Consistent Promotion

The absolute fastest way to get more speaking engagements is having a rock solid promoting plan. Very few speakers are getting call after call looking to book them without promotion. Just as you would for any other venture promotion must be part of your strategy.

This means you will need:

  • To know who your customer avatar is.
  • How you can get your message in front of them,
  • And have marketing system that speaks to them
  • A system that lands you speaking engagements

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Eric Louviere

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